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“The Reunion” at the Bakehouse

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“The Reunion, ” a special FAN-funded exhibit running from February 13 to March 27 in the Audrey Love gallery at The Bakehouse Art Complex was the setting for a lively cultural camaraderie get-together, hosted by Hillary Hoffman and Lea Lane, on March 19.

FAN members and guests enjoyed lunch at Joey’s by the Wynwood Walls before a private tour of the Bakehouse complex with the Bakehouse curator, Justin Long and executive director, Marte Siebenhar.

The exhibit celebrates the 29-year history of the Bakehouse, and its role in Miami as an incubator for art careers and the rise of the visual arts in the area. Featured artists include: Pablo Cano, Xavier Cortada, Veronica Garcia, Suza Talbot, Maggie Davis, Carrie Sieh, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Christian Bernard, Ross Ford, Beatricia Sagar, Luis Diaz, John LaHuis, Tracey Hagen, Richard Labarbera, Juan Griego, Maria Sonia Martin, Robert Apfel, Marcos Valella, Gustavo Oviedo, Armando Chagon, and Henry Mar.

BAC opened in 1987 in the former Art Deco American Bakeries Company building in today’s Wynwood Arts District, by a group of artists relocating from Coconut Grove. These artists founded the nonprofit Bakehouse Art Complex and repurposed the industrial building into working studios and galleries, ensuring a permanent venue for over one thousand local artists to explore their creativity.

In addition to art studios and exhibits, the Bakehouse offers a greenmarket and varied community programs, and features a huge mural by Purvis Young in the courtyard by the former flour and sugar silos, now the painted symbol of the complex.


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