Cultural Camaraderie

SUPERFLEX: We Are All in the Same Boat, At MOAD

On Wednesday March 20 at The Museum of Art and Design (MOAD) at Miami Dade College at The Freedom Tower on Biscayne Blvd, FANS enjoyed a stimulating Cultural Camaraderie program.

FAN member Carol Damian, who curated Jay Kislak’s collections for University of Miami and Miami Dade, led a tour of the Kislak Center at the Freedom Tower.

The collection showcases extraordinary objects, including rare books, maps, manuscripts, Pre-Columbian artifacts, and other historical materials that offer perspectives on the events and personalities that shaped the modern world.

Our tour included the tower ballroom with its historic New World Mural celebrating Ponce de León’s 1513 landing in the place he named Florida.

The staff of MOAD then took us through SUPERFLEX: We Are All in the Same Boat.


The critically acclaimed Danish collective, through their humorous and playfully subversive works, tackles the economy, financial crisis, corruption, migration, and the possible consequences of global warming.

Lunch followed the exhibition, at Tuyo.

Hosts were JoAnne Bander and Adria Raskin.

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