Cultural Camaraderie

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet Performs at Frost School of Music

Cultural Camaraderie’s mission is to bring FAN members and guests to attend programs of grantees that FAN has funded. And on Sunday, October 25 at Gusman Hall, University of Miami, we enjoyed another of our 20 grantees of FAN’s 19th season — the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet: John Dearman, Matthew Greif, William Kanengiser and Scott Tennant. They were performing as a part of the Festival Miami Series.

Praised by The Baltimore Sun as “a formidable ensemble, both in terms of technical bravura and musical personality,” the multifaceted Los Angeles Guitar Quartet presented music from their new album, “New Renaissance,” including the engrossing suite “Music from the Time of Cervantes.”

FAN at Festival Miami  l-r- Joanne Levite, Merle Frank, Alice Schindler

The stellar group also performed arrangements of classics by Ralph Towner, Pat Metheny and Chet Atkins from its Grammy-winning project “Guitar Heroes”; and premiere works by Atanas Ourkouzounov, Tilman Hoppstock and Dweezil Zapp

Following the performance, FAN participants enjoyed dinner at Titanic Brewing Co.

Thanks to hosts Georgia Nimer and Wendy Lapidus for organizing one of FAN’s many successful CC events.
FAN at Festival Miami  l-r-  Naomi Honig and Merle Frank


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