Orientation for New Members

Great Art, Fine Food at FAN New Member Celebration

On January 14, FAN member and art historian Mary Frank opened her home to FAN for an art tour, alfresco luncheon and orientation about all aspects of Funding Arts Network.


Hospitality abounded.



Host Mary Frank, membership chairs Renee Leiberman and Alexa Rossy, and FAN president Maureen Gragg greet the new members.


Lunch on the terrace followed the presentations.

FAN founder and past-president Debi Hoffman, past-president Rachel Blechman, president Maureen Gragg, co-membership chairs Renee Leiberman and Alexy Rossy and board members Betty Wohl, Joanne Levite, Marilyn Berens, Lea Lane, Penny Finkle, Michelle Segall, Carol Damien and Ann Raff gave presentations about our funding process and the many social pleasures and satisfactions of FAN.

New members from the past two years who attended include Brooke Jewel, Elena Solomon, Wil Blechman, David Lieberman, Ellie Taub, Christa Paul, Zara Gerber, Amy Lehman, Ellen Rose,Terri Mason, Laura Kaplan, Reggie Weissler, Lori Gold, Shelley Hornik, Ellen Kempler, Teresa Zohn, Nora Weinreich, and Candy McDonald.

Thank you Mary for hosting this special celebration.

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