Founding President is ‘Knighted’ a Champion: Allocates Award to FAN

FAN’s founder, Deborah Hoffman, received a Knight Arts Champion Award for her arts involvements and her philanthropy.
The Knight Arts Champion Awards, in December, 2018, recognized 21 Miami  leaders “who have played key roles in building South Florida’s rich and diverse cultural community,” and praised their leadership and “passionate commitment to our city and a belief that art and culture binds us to this place — and to each other.”
Each champion was given $10,000 to contribute to a local artist or arts organization of their choice. Deborah’s choice was Funding Arts Network.

This is the second “Champion” award Deborah has received. Philanthropy Miami named her their  2016 Community Champion “for her longtime advocacy and support of arts and programs for women and girls.”  

Founder and Past President of FAN, Debi Hoffman

As Teresa Valdes-Fauli Weintraub, co-chair of Philanthropy Miami had noted  then, “Debi is always looking out for Miami, always wanting us to shine and model other great ideas..seeking best practices and bringing them to Miami. She’s been a teacher, publicist, lawyer and change-maker … all of these things add up to a passion to make a difference in our community.”

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