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Ferngully by Hass Brothers: FAN CC at the Bass Museum, Set in a ‘Rainforest’

On Wednesday, December 19 at The Bass Museum of Art on Miami Beach, FANS enjoyed the curated exhibition, Ferngully by Hass Brothers, named after a 1992 animated film set in a rainforest. It featured 20 new works by The Haas Brothers, Los Angeles-based twins known mainly for their highly original furniture and object designs.

Ferngully by The Haas Brothers references complex societal issues such as the imminent effects of climate change and the need for humans to embrace the environment and return to nature. The immersive multimedia installation comprised diverse elements such as beadwork, ceramics, leatherwork and large-scale sculpture.

The centerpiece was a large brass, hexagon-tiled tree with beadwork flowers created from a logic based beading system. The rainforest environment was further evinced through added flooring to evoke the feeling of a forest floor, a canopy of dropping glass vines and ambient sounds and lighting.
Brunch was at The Plymouth Grille located inside the Plymouth Hotel. Hosts for this interesting event were Sydney Carpel and Denise Courshon.

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