FAN’s 2015-17 Officers & Directors, 20th-Year Grants Team Announced

FAN’s 2015-17 Officers and Directors were announced at the Awards Luncheon in May. A big thank you to all who volunteer to  serve on the board of our organization. If you’d like to help on any of these committees, please contact any committee members, who would be happy to have your support in the coming two years to further our impact on the Miami-Dade arts community.


President: Maureen Gragg; VP Communications: Betty Wohl; VP Finance: Maureen Berkowitz; VP Grants: Deborah Slott; VPs Membership: Renee Lieberman and Alexa Rossy; VP Programs: Carol Damian; Secretary: Carol Damian; Treasurer:  Nancy Pastroff.


Marilyn Berens, Member Orientation; Paula Finkle, Board Meeting Arrangements; Linda Gassenheimer, Facilities; Beverly Greenberg, By-Laws and Parliamentarian; Carol Kiryluk, Board and Member Orientation; Lea Lane, Social Media; Paula Levine, Fanfare; Joanne Levite, Cultural Camaraderie; Bobbi Litt, Programs; Dale Moses, Newsletter; Esther Sandrew, Mailing Chair; Michelle Segall, Grants Manager; Suzanne Stolar, PR and Special Donations; Teresa Zohn, Registrar and Calendar.

And for the first year ever we have a Board Council consisting of past board members who can attend board meetings. They are: JoAnn Bander, Merle Frank, Naomi Honig, Betsy Kaplan, Wendy Lapidus, Jackie Leone, Amy Pollack, Sue Rapperport, Judith Traum.


In addition, FAN’s Grants Team for our upcoming 20th year was announced to lead in the process of awarding next year’s record-breaking grants. Team leaders are: Screening Chair, Ann Raff; Captains, Denise Gerson and Paula Finkle, Visual Arts; Ann Raff and Beverly Greenberg, Music; Bobbi Litt and Joan de Pontet, Dance; Jackie Leone and Judith Traum, Theater.

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