FAN Public Relations & Donations a Big Success in 2015-16

Publications and social media have been spreading the word this past season about Funding Arts Network in Miami-Dade and among arts-interested people in other cities. With greater awareness of our arts- focused grants, we have attracted new members, and our grant pool has grown.

Expanded public relations efforts brought FAN coverage in Miami Today featuring our president, Maureen Gragg, on the cover as “The Achiever.” The Miami Herald published an opinion piece about FAN by Jo Anne Bander; Huffington Post Miami and published Lea Lane’s blog about us; and FAN is posted on “Cool Hunting,” an award-winning blog.

Through the generosity of many, we have collected nearly $7,000 (excluding corporate sponsors and FANfare) from 20th anniversary underwriting and donations, Fans of FAN gifts, and sales of FAN’s prepaid donation and blank notecards. These donated dollars pay for luncheon costs of guest speakers and grantees, audiovisuals, printing and postage.

We gratefully thank the following people for their extra support and dedication to FAN:

20th Anniversary underwriters and donors include Evelyn Axler, Rachel Blechman, Barbara Burnstine, Sydney Carpel, Charles and Sue Cobb, Marlin Ebbert, Ann-Rhea Fitch, Merle Frank, Barbara Garrett, Maureen Gragg, Deborah Hoffman, Shelley Hornick, Susana Ibargüen, Betsy Kaplan, Wendy Lapidus, Renee Lieberman, Nicole Martin, Maria Millheiser, Dale Moses, Sue Rapperport, Alexa Rossy, Esther Sandrew, Terry Schechter, Sandra and Charles Simon, Deborah Slott, Paul Woehrle, Betty Wohl and Teresa Zohn.

Fans of FAN donors for the March and May luncheons are Marcia Dunn, Maureen Gragg, Harriet Harris, Lydia Harrison, Deborah Hoffman, Hillary Hoffman, Jane Katcher, Wendy Lapidus, Amy Lehman, Dale Moses, Avis Lee Neiman, Ann Raff, Sue Rapperport, Linda Sands, Michelle Segall, Stanley Siegal, Sandra and Charles Simon, Judith Traum and Carol Von Arx.

Prepaid FAN donation cards and blank notecards were purchased by Maureen Berkowitz, Rachel Blechman, Paula Finkle, Leslie Genauer, Denise Gerson, Maureen Gragg, Beverly Greenberg, Naomi Honig, Shelley Hornick, Lea Lane, Joanne Levite, Joy Malakoff, Dale Moses, Sue Rapperport, Elena Salomon, Terry Schechter, Suzanne Stolar, Ellie Taub, Judith Traum and Betty Wohl.

Packets of five FAN donation cards are $50, with the donation built into the cost. A bundle of 10 notecards, blank inside, costs $20. These cards may be purchased at our luncheons or directly from Betty Wohl or Suzanne Stolar.

Thank you again and again for all that you do to help support FAN!

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