Corporate Participation

Find Out How Your Company Can Work With FAN

Each FAN corporate member contributes $1,500 per year. $1000 goes to the grant pool and the remainder to administrative and other expenses. FAN business is conducted by a group of dedicated volunteers willing to give of their time ensuring that the over $250,000 raised from member contributions annually goes directly to our grants.

Corporate Participation is a way for FAN to raise additional funding needed to cover basic office expenses. A percentage of your corporate contribution goes towards expenses and the balance towards the grants. It is an opportunity for businesses and corporations to participate in the grant award process and to make a significant difference to the arts in Miami-Dade County.


Corporate Member: $1,500

Corporate Grant Partner: $2,500 • $5,000 • $10,000

FAN Annual Grant Award Luncheon Sponsor: $3,000

Increase the grant pool and further enhance FAN’s ability to support the arts.

  • Participate in all FAN activities including grantee selection, through a representative.
  • Network at meetings and special events.
  • Receive listing in newsletter and roster.

Partner with FAN in a visual or performing arts grant.

  • Recognition at FAN’s Award Luncheon.
  • Participation in the presentation of the grant.
  • Recognition in grantee’s and FAN program publications.
  • Recognition on congratulatory poster displayed at funded program.
  • Recognition in FAN’s media announcements.

Support FAN’s major event at which grants are awarded to the arts.

  • Recognition (name / logo) in media announcements, invitation and program.
  • 5 Tickets to attend award luncheon.
  • Opportunity at Award Luncheon to welcome FAN members and Grant recipients.

FAN Corporate Sponsors